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Taylorin Twitter-päivityksiä Euroopasta! OSA 2

"I got mid day coffee to try and fight the post-Europe jet lag. Then I drew on the cup." (Annoin keskipäivän kahville mahdollisuuden yrittää taistella Euroopan jet lagia vastaan. Sitten piirsin kuppiin.)


"I had a pretty awesome view tonight at the O2."

"Hey London, we're getting ready to see your beautiful faces. Last show of the European tour! IcantwaitIcantwaitIcantwait for show time!! "

" I can't believe we get to play at the O2 in London tonight! I'm so excited, I'm wearing my beloved (rakastettu) panda sweater (neulepaitaa)."

"Manchester, we'll always come back and see you. You guys are loud and mighty (mahtavia). I just love you. Thanks for hanging out with us tonight!! "

" Getting ready to play in Manchester!! I drew you a picture with my make up (meikeilläni). :) :)"


"My friends and I saw the candyland-tastic @katyperry concert last night in Dublin. Loved it!! On the way to the arena in Manchester now! "

"The Dublin fans are so incredible! I can feel the love here-- I cant wait to play for you guys tonight! Tweeting from soundcheck at the O2. "

"We spent the day at a castle in Dublin today and @paulsidoti proposed (kosia) to his girlfriend @ashleywhite25!! Love!!! "

"Belfast, Ireland. What a dream come true to play for that crowd. We're all going on and on about it on the bus. My ears are still ringing!! "

"Writing a song all afternoon in my hotel room. Dublin, Ireland."


"Tweeting from Abbey Road studios in London. Taking it all in today. "

"About to go onstage in Birmingham-- we're back in the UK!!!!!! "

Madridista, ESPANJASTA:

"I am in LOVE with the crowd we just played for. Madrid, my heart is yours. "

"Uh oh- @elizabethhuett wanted bangs (otsatukan). Pre-show (Ennen esiintymistä) haircut! You ready Madrid? Walking to the stage now!! "

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